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 Plug It IN and "see" with the only complete kit available anywhere

I have attached a composite I did with my R2 imager in Feb. at the Winter Star Party in Chiefland Florida this year. This was with no post processing. Images were captured through my 8" Meade LX90 in Alt Az and captured with Sharpcap. My R2 attached to my 8" gave me better views than the 20" dob that was beside me was seeing. He could not see the Horsehead with a $150 filter, I got a wonderful view without a filter. It was a cold evening with lots of dew but I was sitting in my heated tent warm and dry, controlling my scope with Sky Safari on my iPad and seeing more on my computer screen than my fellow observers and in color no less! I love the detail I am able to see.

Revolution Imager customer Donnie.


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With our Revolution imager, all you have to do is make some simple connections and you can use the power of the most modern technology to see on the included color monitor the mountains, valleys and seas of The Moon. Easily change the exposure of the video camera and seamlessly go to seeing the reds and greens of Nebulosity or even the spiral arms of The Whirlpool Galaxy. All from your backyard using the amazing sensitivity of Sony imaging chips and built in live automated video processing. You will be blown away at what even the most modest tracking telescopes will show you in just a few seconds of exposure!  



you need to get up-and-running and get the most out of your existing telescope including a battery to power everything no matter where you are and an IR filter that helps to improve the appearance of stars. Included with every Revolution Imager is:
  • Portable 7" LCD monitor.
  • 12v Li-Ion Battery with charger to run both the camera and LCD screen.
  • 0.5x Focal Reducer to dramatically widen the field of view.
  • UV/IR filter.
  • Hand-held remote control to control the camera.
  • Shock-proof carry case.
  • All required cables.

 Every system is meticulously double-checked to make sure every item is included and working so you can see what you've been missing in no time at all. And best of all - no computer is required! The revolution imager's portable battery-powered 7" monitor allows you get up and running straight away no matter where you are without the added hassle of bad drivers, unexpected updates, viruses and crashes.

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 The Revolution Imager also allows you to see for yourself some of the most awesome astronomical objects that appear in the news without the hubble telescope, but with your telescope in your backyard including thousands of Messier and "NGC" catalog objects! Here are some actual images captured by our customers, or click here to see for yourself! Buy Now. 


Unlock the SPEED of your Celestron SCT telescope with the FunStar! The FunStar is an adapter for Celestron SCT telescopes that allows you to place the Revolution Imager in the secondary mirror position of your SCT telescope allowing you to use the telescope at an amazing focal ration of f/2, this gives you the widest possible views and the lowest exposure times! And the best part? The price, only $79.99 for 5", 6" and 8". 

Installation is quick and easy, simply unscrew the secondary mirror from your Celestron SCT telescope, install the FunStar in its place, then attach your SCT visual back onto the FunStar, insert your Revolution Imager and you're ready to experience those wide summer nebulas, large galaxy groups, huge open clusters and even the full disk of the moon!

The adapter is currently IN STOCK for 8" SCTs and 9.25" and 11" 

customer testimonials 

"The RI may be the most exciting $300 astronomy purchase I've ever made. I could barely sleep last night after viewing M51, M81, M82 and Jupiter on my first evening with the new gear. I've been in the hobby since 1960 and last night was the first time I experienced the same awe as I did the first time I "discovered" Saturn.

Thanks for making such a wonderful and affordable product."

R. R. From Tennessee, USA 

 Thanks a lot. I'm really looking forward to using it for our astronomy outreach.......and just to show you that you CAN teach old dogs new tricks...I'm a 72 year old Lady! I really love the new technologies that are coming out now. I've been waiting for something like this very item and, when one of the other people in our club showed up at our last star party with this, I just HAD to have it!!

Susan G.

“ I do believe that the Revolution package will shake-up and wake up new interest in amateur astronomy.  One does not have to pack up and drive a distance to get remarkable results.  Neighbors' lights are no longer a problem (other than for the ecology).
My neighbor was astounded by some images I showed him on the spot, and was as surprised at the low cost (value) of the video components.
This has definitely rekindled the fire of discovery I felt in prior years, as I hope it will for many others. “
John From Pottstown, USA


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Tutorial written by Dave from High Point Scientific