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The Revolution Imager comes with a lot of parts - this page will help you identify and assemble all the pieces to get up and running

how to assemble the parts

After unpacking you will need to identify the following pieces.

  1. Revolution Camera
  2. Battery
  3. 7" Color Monitor
  4. 1.25" Adapter
  5. .5X reducer
  6. UV/IR cut filter
  7. Umbilical Cable including wired remote

Here's how to assemble the peices:

  • Step 1 – Attach white coax cable with wired remote to BNC jack on back of camera
  • Step 2 - Attach round power cord to back of camera. (note there are 2 round power cords, one end goes to the rechargeable battery, the other in the back of the camera, be sure the round power cord after it splits in two goes into the camera)
  • Step 3 – Since you have probably discovered the other round power cord that is on the single end of the Y split, this is the one that plugs into the rechargeable battery
  • Step 4 – Back to the other end of the Y of the umbilical cord you will find a multi-prong cable that must line up with the receiving end of the cable that comes from the 7” Color Monitor. Attach these cables, carefully lining up the pins to each other.
  • Step 5 – Remove the lens cap from the Revolution Camera and screw the 1.25” adapter into the opening


you are now ready to go explore the universe!

Insert the Camera into any 1.25” telescope, if your telescope can track the stars by counteracting the Earth's rotation you will be able to take longer exposures to see fainter objects! Turn the Battery On, use the wired remote to navigate the camera’s menu for longer or shorter exposures to see fainter detail than your eye ever could. Take a look at the "How Do I?" menu for a guide on how to set these options