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common questions / troubleshooting tips

If you do not see anything on the Monitor, be sure your Monitor is set to AV2 or Channel 2.

When you Charge the Battery using the supplied AC Charger the Battery MUST be set to ON, or you are not charging. Again: The BATTERY MUST BE SET TO ON WHEN CHARGING, or you are not charging.

If the wired remote does not work, on the very bottom there is a door that you push one piece to the side then slide the drawer out. This is a powered remote using a CR2032 Battery, try a new battery

When changing settings, use the "SAVE & EXIT" setting at the bottom of the menu you're in. If you do not use "SAVE & EXIT" the camera will automatically revert back to the last saved settings after a short amount of time. 

If you have trouble achieve focus when using the nose piece in your telescope here's some things you can try: 

  1. Try removing the 0.5x focal reducer.
  2. If you have the nose piece that has the additional ring try focusing without the extension ring