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Here you can see real images and videos captured from users of the Revolution Imager using a variety of different telescopes in different locations. Do you have an image to share? Send it to us!

 The Revolution Imager works great on all kinds of astronomical objects, click the category you'd like to see!


The Revolution Imager R2 saw some amazing usage during 2017's Great American Eclipse!

Eclipse viewing from Weiser Idaho - Luis Esparza captured this image from a Video using the R2's auto mode!  Connected to a tablet using Sharpcap and the USB capture card.

Snapshot photo taken with Revolution Imager 1 on an Orion ST80 achromat at Jay Em, Wyoming.  Captured with SharpCap software.

Dan Posey


M16 - Eagle Nebula

Revolution Imager R2

Captured in Los Angeles Skies, with a 6" scope, through the leaves of a palm tree on a night with a 60% moon!

Messier 27

Revolution Imager R2

6" f/4.8 Newtonian

60% moon


Exposure Mode: FIX, x256 GAIN: 6db

DNR: 6

Various Milky Way Emission and Dark Nebula

Revolution Imager R2

This time lapse video features almost real-time views of nebula and galaxies from the RTMC astronomy expo. The Revolution Imager was placed into an 102mm achromat on a manual, non-tracking mount using the X64 exposure time!

M8 - Lagoon Nebula

Revolution Imager R2

Michael M - Los Angeles

Celestron Nexstar 4SE

Flame Nebula

Revolution Imager R1

Ken James, Australia

M27 Nebula

Revolution Imager R1


M8 Nebula

Revolution Imager R1 + H-a Filter

M16 - Eagle Nebula

Revolution Imager R1



Galaxy M51.

Revolution Imager R2

Curtis M

Galaxy M63

Revolution Imager R2

Curtis M




Omega Centauri 

Ken James

Revolution Imager R1

47 Tucanae

Ken James

Revolution R1


Revolution Imager R1





Revolution Imager R1


Scope: Celestron 9.25 evolution

2x Barlow

Captured with Firecapture

Stacked with Registax 6