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Fine Finger Feather Focuser

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Fine Finger Feather Focuser

$ 19.99
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Now you can have a much easier more accurate way to focus your Celestron or Meade Maksutov or Cassegrain Telescope without spending HUNDREDS of Dollars.  Use this press on focuser lever to give you an even smoother feel than what you are accustomed to and will make it easier to precisely focus.

Simply press fit this fine focus lever over your SCT or Mak focusing knob, this focus lever will give you a very smooth feel and make it much easier to achieve small  focuser movements than before. 

When not in use the lever has the 1.25" Dust Cover cap built right in to store at the back of the telescope or in your eyepiece tray when not in use!

3 Sizes

- Celestron Regular fits their 4" Mak, 5", 6",8" and 9.25" SCT

- Celestron Large fits their 11" and 14" SCT

- Meade SCT fits their SCT type telescopes


"Give me a lever and I will move the world, or find tack sharp focus on nebula"

- Archimedes (...well if he was into Astrophotography he would have said it!)

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