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Revolution: Zoom - 6-60mm Zoom Lens

Revolution Imager

Revolution: Zoom - 6-60mm Zoom Lens

$ 39.99
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The Revolution: Zoom is a compact 6-60mm f/1.6 zoom lens for the Revolution Imager with a 30mm aperture that can be used to view large deep-sky objects (like the Andromeda Galaxy) without the use of a telescope, or provide a wide-view of the sky for capturing meteors! Just add a photo tripod and you have a very compact grab-and-go ultra-wide view telescope perfect for the large summer and fall time objects that can fit in your backpack or travel luggage.

The Revolution: Zoom has 3 controllable rings for setting, zoom, focus and also includes iris control which can be used to give you a wider range of exposure options.

 (Meteorite Not Included, though great for Meteor Showers!)

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