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Below you can see some images captured with the Revolution Imager System using a variety of different telescopes, all from suburban neighborhoods in near real-time with NO processing. See what you've been missing. 

Do you have images from the system to share? email them to and stay tuned for information about our image contest!




M17 and M16 from Diane Hakala
Scottsdale AZ
LX200 ACF 10”
Revolution Imager

M27 Dumbbell Nebula - 102mm Explore Scientific refractor, taken on a night with 75% moon.


M16, 80mm refractor

M16, 80mm Orion Short-Tube refractor, H-a filter.


M16, 8" Celestron SCT telescope, UHC Filter.


The Double Cluster - 80mm Orion Short-Tube refractor.



M8, Orion 80mm Short-Tube refractor, H-a filter.


M13, Celestron 8" SCT telescope.

M57, Celestron 8" SCT telescope.


Omega Centauri courtesy of Ken James.


47 Tucanae courtesy of Ken James.


Carina Nebula courtesy of Ken James.


Tarantula Nebula, courtesy of Ken James.


Flame Nebula, courtesy of Ken James.