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Interesting star KIC8462852 visible with the Revolution Imager

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Recently the Kepler telescope and the team found a very interesting star in the region of the constellation Cygnus that has been displaying very strange patterns of brightness, suggesting that something large is orbiting the star. A lot of theories have been placed out there, including the most interesting one, that an alien ring structure is orbiting the planet. If you're interested in learning more about this fascinating star take a look at the paper that was published here

What's interesting for us, however, is that stars like this are easily in reach to be viewed with the Revolution Imager system, here's an image that was captured showing the star:


 This 11th magnitude star was captured in a suburban neighborhood with a 6" scope. The "Deep Space Objects" SENSE-UP settings were used, take a look here for a better explanation.

What will you discover with the Revolution Imager System?

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